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Rates & Insurance

Individual Psychotherapy

$180 per 60 minute session and intake session

$145 per 45 minute follow-up session


$245 per intake and 75 minute follow-up session

$175 per 50 minute follow-up session

Couples & Family Psychotherapy
Nutrition Counseling


$195 per 60 minute intake session

$180 per 60 minute follow-up session

$145 per 45 minute follow-up session


I am a contracted provider for the following companies:

  • Lyra Health

  • Spring Health


I am out of network (OON) for all insurance carriers; I can provide a monthly superbill for OON reimbursement. I accept cash, checks, debit and credit cards, and HSA or flex-spending cards as payment. 

Clients are entitled to a Good Faith Estimate prior to receiving services. 

More information about the No Surprises Act can be found here

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