At the heart of Body Trust is the belief that we all deserve to live in our bodies exactly as they are, without needing to change, fix, critique, explain, justify, or compensate for the size or shape of our bodies. And that those living in larger bodies are the most impacted by weight bias and stigma.


Body Trust is a paradigm shift away from diet culture that is so prevalent in the mainstream “health and wellness” and weight loss industries – those industries will have us believe, with no scientific evidence, that fat bodies are “unhealthy” and need to be made smaller. The weight loss industry is part of a broader misogynistic cultural message designed to perpetuate self-hatred and boost sales of products and services in the name of “self-improvement.” The wisdom of Body Trust guides us to learn to listen to and honor what our bodies are telling us about our needs and desires, rather than looking for those answers outside of ourselves.


It is my great honor and privilege to be part of the Body Trust Provider community and share my knowledge and experience with those interested in learning a new way to inhabit their bodies and walk aware in this culture that is rife with weight bias and stigma. As a thin-bodied person, I don’t presume to understand the lived experience of being in a larger body, and I bring with me to the conversation my own body privilege and internalized sizeism that I work daily to dismantle.



Key topics addressed with Body Trust:



Body Image

Weight bias

Fat phobia and Internalized fat phobia

Health at Every Size

Intuitive Eating

Decolonized nutrition and wellness

Weight cycling

Anti-diet culture

Binge and restrict cycle of eating


Body Stories

Trauma and PTSD

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